Arrested Development’s “Out To The World” Music Video

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Vlad was featured in this music video by the hip-hop group, Arrested Development, known for their hit songs "Mr. Wendal" and "Tennessee."

Sketch Character Reel 2013

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Vlad demonstrates some character work for sketches.

Sarah McLachlan Insect Cruelty

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Written and directed by Vladimir John Perez

Acting Reel

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Vladimir John Perez's acting reel.

Second Wind Trailer

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Vlad stars in this Michael Bay-style movie preview.

Club Wicked

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Vlad talks his buddy into going to the hottest new spot in Hartford.

iPhone 5 Promotional Video

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Vlad & other Apple experts can't wait to show you one more thing about the iPhone 5.

Derek Jeter Hit by Pitch

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Vlad appears on ESPN News as New York Yankee Derek Jeter.

Cooking with Victor Santoro

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Vlad improvises a cooking show on the set of a local morning talk show.

Impressions & Impersonations

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The Colin McEnroe Show welcomes Vlad to demonstrate & discuss celebrity impressions.

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